About Us

Hail Chasers was created by Dent Impressions, Inc. Dent Impressions is a PDR company that has been chasing hail since 1998. Our jobs tend to be more lucrative for technicians as we are very selective in the accounts that we service. Over the past 3 years, we have had to find new technicians because our business has increased significantly.

Last year, we had 5 dealerships get hit after all of our regular technicians were working in our other accounts. Fortunately, we found additional technicians through word of mouth with technicians within our network. Last year, we had technicians that worked with us for the first-time repair over $3,000,000 of hail. To fill the need of technicians in the future, we created Hail Chasers. We want to have unlimited technicians at the ready so we can service our accounts. In order to get technicians interested in joining, we decided to allow other brokers to post jobs. Simply put, we can’t provide jobs for everyone so we decided not to limit the brokering just to us. We have spoken to countless brokers whom we know and their interest to post jobs is high. The opportunity to get work is here. What you do with the opportunity is up to you. Hopefully, the use of this app will better the PDR Industry

Full Transparency

We believe if the industry uses Hail Chasers, everyone will benefit because the bad brokers will have a hard time finding technicians. Dent Impressions didn’t spend the time and money to build this app just to make the PDR Industry better. We built Hail Chasers to have more technicians in our network. We also are looking for opportunities to help other dent companies with servicing their accounts after a storm. Brokering deals is not for everyone. Just like technicians, brokers have a wide skill range. If you are able to manage your own deals, feel free to use Hail Chasers to help you.

If you don’t feel comfortable with managing a storm, we can help. First of all, our job is to make your account love our team and process. If we do our job, we will make your company look better. Your account will want us back the next time it hails. However, we will NEVER cut you out of a deal. You put us there and when we come back, we again work for you…period. That being said, your body shops, dealerships and wholesale accounts will be in good hands.

Testimonial on Dent Impressions


What We Offer

We want to be your hail team, unlike other companies that use inexperienced technicians to expand their agenda. In our business model, we first make sure the account we are servicing is completely happy. This allows us to come back for a lifetime. Next, when working for other companies, we provide them with the tools to succeed. We have no problem with using other company’s brands, as we are working on your behalf. Finally, we make sure the deal works for everyone, mostly our technicians. Some of the best deals are the ones we pass on. If you want our help, we can offer the following tools for your business and your accounts.

  • 4 Fully Customized Trailers for your Business and/or Your Accounts.
  • Loaners/Rentals Vehicles
  • Multiple Tents Available as Needed
  • Marketing Materials and Programs
  • Hail Mapping to Maximize the Profit of the Storm
  • Professional Management, Technicians, and Sales Staff
  • Transparent Electronic Invoicing
  • Accounting and Collection of Services Rendered
  • Customized Software to Manage Dealership Losses
  • Contracts for Dealerships and Body Shops

Likely Scenario

Based on our past experiences, it is likely that local companies tend to concentrate on servicing their body shops after a hail storm. They forget about the dealerships that they serve because their body shops need their attention. Then the hail companies come to town and end up servicing their dealerships. Because of poor contingency planning, the company doesn’t make any money from the dealerships they serve year-round.

If this scenario sounds like you, we can help. We want to service your dealerships. All you have to do is get us a meeting with the decision-maker. We will represent that we are in partnership with you and we are your hail team. If we get the deal, we share in the profits. You can go back to managing your body shops. If you want to stay around to help manage and work the dealership, you will receive a larger percentage.

Show me the money

At the end of the day, we are not scared to publicly share with you our fee structure. I question any company that secretly discusses their fees as if they don’t want others to know about it. Simply put, we are 100% transparent and we put it on the table for you. We are not needed by everyone nor do we want to rule the PDR industry. We just want to help if needed and we will share in the profits accordingly. For the record, Gross Profit equals Revenue minus Cost of Services. Cost of Services includes technician labor, operating expenses, rental fees, parts, and/or fees necessary to complete the job. Cost of Services will NOT include things we own like the use of trailers, tents, and loaners. Simple commission structure for each account type.

Dealerships -Rental Accounts

  • We will pay you 25% of the Gross Profit if you decide to have no responsibilities after securing the contract with the account(s).
  • We will pay you 50% of the Gross Profit if you are present at the account during working hours, help in areas that are needed.

Body Shops

  • We will pay you 50% of the Gross Profit to fully manage body shops.
  • Do you just want professional technicians? Just offer 75% and we will fill your needs for experienced technicians.