Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us should your questions not be answered.

How much does it cost to use the app?

The use of the app is free. We have the value of having a large pool of technicians to choose from.

Can I add body shops or dealerships to the Community Blacklist?

Absolutely! The Community Blacklist is a tool used to help drain the swamp. Any user can add deadbeat brokers, technicians, dealerships, body shops, or any person on the Community Blacklist. Names of companies and people you add to the blacklist will show up in the community search.

I added someone to the Community Blacklist and they finally paid me. Can I now remove them from the Community Black List?

Yes, you can delete only the blacklist posts you create. Just go to your Blacklist tab in the app.

I worked for someone that didn’t pay me outside of Hail Chasers. I don’t have a contract but can I add them to the Community Blacklist?

First, we don’t want to deprive you of the lessons of choosing to work for someone outside of Hail Chasers. Next, technicians should never work for a Broker without some sort of contract in place. Hail Chasers’ feedback allows you to evaluate the risk of the Brokers you chose to work for. We also provide you with a contract that can be used to collect the debt. Since none of this matters now, you still can list this broker on the Community Blacklist.

I worked for a company that screwed me 15 years ago. Can I still add them to the Community Blacklist?

Yes, we welcome any and all deadbeat companies/brokers to be added to the Community Blacklist. The Community Blacklist will help drain the swamp of bad companies in the PDR industry. Deadbeat Brokers won’t get Technicians to work for them if they are exposed.

I am working for a new broker and I want to protect myself with a contract. Can we use the app to form a contract?

Yes, have the broker create the job on their account. Once the job is created, you apply for the job and the broker will hire you. Thus, the contract will be created.

I am listing a job and want to hire a technician I have hired in the past. Can I just offer the technician the job without posting it to the community?

Yes, just after you create the job listing, you will be asked if you want to Hire Direct from your past hired technicians or post the job to the Open Market.

How do I receive a copy of the agreed contract?

The broker and technician will be emailed a copy of the contract once they both agree to the terms of the contract.

Do you really give a Free Hail Rod after closing 2 contracts on the app?

Yes, after you complete 2 contracts either as a broker or technician, you will be able to use your referral code to get our hail rod for free. You will have to pay for shipping. You can also add the Dent Impressions’ carbon fiber extension and a case to your order. Free hail rods will be only available for a limited time. This is only valid for the users in the lower 48 states of the United States.

How do I receive the free Hail Chasers’ blending hammer for referring 5 technicians to Hail Chasers?

You will receive an email after you refer 5 technicians to hail chasers. Then simply go to the Hail Chasers Store and use your referral code to order your free blending hammer. You will have to pay for shipping. Free Hail Chasers’ blending hammers will be only available for a limited time. This is only valid for the users in the lower 48 states of the United States.

Can Hail Chasers be used worldwide?

Yes. The app was designed to be used worldwide. If you are located outside of the United States, we welcome you to still use the app. This is a perfect tool to get work in other countries and to hire people from other countries.

I posted a job and it doesn’t seem like it hit the open market. Is there something wrong?

Probably not. We currently have to manually approve all job listings. We try to get to them as they come in.

How do I get paid for my services?

Well, your contract is with the broker. The broker pays the technician directly.

Are there multiple brokers listing jobs on the Hail Chasers App?

Yes. Dent Impressions built this app so we can have a large pool of technicians to service our accounts. However, we are unable to provide jobs to everyone so we opened this app to the entire PDR industry. We currently have great interest from brokers to use this platform.

Why haven’t jobs been listed for some time?

Job openings are based on the amount of hail that has fallen. If you are waiting for a job in the US during January, you might be waiting for a while. The peak time for job listings in the US is June-August. However, other countries have seasons during the non-peak seasons of the US.

How will I know when a job opening has been listed?

Once a job becomes available, members will receive a push notification of the job opening.

I have a customer that needs work in another state, can I list a job for this customer?

Yes. Our platform can be used to list jobs for one dent or 1000 hail vehicles.

Do I have to update my availability status to get job notifications?

No, you will receive job listing notifications for the area that you choose to work when setting your availability. However, it is recommended to keep your availability status current in case you see a job that you want to apply to.

How often do I have to update my availability status?

You should update your status at least once a week or anytime your availability changes

Do you send out reminders to set my availability status?

Every Monday, we send out a notification to update your current availability status.

My storm is slowing down, will there be part-time jobs to fill in my slow days?

Typically, at the end of a storm, technicians leave to go to new storms and brokers need technicians for part-time help. This provides a perfect opportunity for technicians to full up a slower week.

I am leaving a storm that I set up, can I offer a job to have someone do the stragglers?

Yes. Just post a job for part-time help and find a technician to finish up the storm that you started. You can decide on fair compensation for these leads

Are there new products coming out in the Hail Chasers store?

Yes. We currently have applied for patents and have several products that are being prototyped.

When will new products become available to purchase?

We believe new products should be tested before being sold to the market. We also believe that we should have the item in stock before it is offered in the open market. We don’t believe in doing pre-sales as things change. If you purchase something from us, you shouldn’t have to wait for 4 months to have the order delivered.

What can Dent Impressions offer me if I partner with them?

  • 4 Fully Customized Trailers for your Business and/or Your Accounts.
  • Loaners/Rentals Vehicles
  • Multiple Tents Available as Needed
  • Marketing Materials and Programs
  • Hail Mapping to Maximize the Profit of the Storm
  • Professional Management, Technicians, and Sales Staff
  • Transparent Electronic Invoicing
  • Accounting and Collection of Services Rendered
  • Customized Software to Manage Dealership Losses
  • Contracts for Dealerships, Body Shops, and Other Accounts
  • Top commission paid to our partners.

I have a dealership hit but I want to just service my body shops, will Dent Impressions pay me a commission if I get them in my dealership?

Yes. Dent Impressions will allow you to focus on the retail side of things while we service your wholesale accounts. Most local dent companies just walk away from wholesale accounts and allow out of town companies to pick up this wholesale work. When local companies have a contingency plan with Dent Impressions, they make money off of these wholesale accounts while concentrating on their retail work.

Will I have to help Dent Impressions service the dealership to get paid a commission?

No. Dent Impressions allows your company the freedom to service other accounts. Actually, we provide you the freedom to pick up additional accounts after a hail storm occurs. Local companies have an advantage in picking up new accounts that they can service year-round. If you get new accounts, we will get the people to service these accounts.

If I team up with Dent Impressions, will they steal my account next time?

Dent Impressions will not compete with companies that we partner with. However, this is a two-way street. We expect that our partners adhere to these same principles.

Will Dent Impressions manage a dealership after I negotiated a price with the owner?

Not sure. We are selective about the deals we partner on. If you gave all the money to the account and our technicians cannot make fair compensation for the work required, Dent Impressions won’t be interested in servicing this account. The best practice would be having us involved in negotiating the compensation for everyone involved.

How soon can Dent Impressions get to my town if I call them?

Dent Impressions will fly someone to your location and arrive within 24 hours or sooner of calling. Dent impressions will dispatch technicians to fill the need. It is likely that you will have the support that is needed as it arises.

Will Dent Impressions really provide me with my company branded trailer if I partner with them?

Yes. The requires contingency planning but Dent Impressions can provide custom branded trailers of your company. We have the ability to customize our mobile command centers to add value to your brand. Dent Impressions has invested $25,000 -$35,000 in each trailer. Our partners pay about $1500 to customize a trailer with their brand. Priority use of trailers will be given to companies that have a contingency plan with Dent Impressions and have paid for branded mobile command centers.

Who will pay for my company branded trailer?

The trailers are paid for and provide an added value for Dent Impressions partners. There is no cost to use these trailers. Companies that want to brand these trailers with their brand will have to pay around $1500.

How long is the process to get a custom branded trailer with my company’s information?

It takes about 2 weeks. It is recommended to do this process in the offseason to be ready for the future hail storm. If so, your company’s branded trailer usually would arrive with the first technician, usually within 24 hours of the storm.