Code of Ethics

Hail Chasers is a tool that is used to connect brokers to independent contractors. "Opportunity for profit or loss is often an indicator of an independent contractor" is one test the IRS uses in determining an independent contractor relationship.  Unfortunately, independent contractors are not guaranteed payment should a deal fall apart.  Technicians should choose their brokers wisely.  Also, brokers should also assess the risks of doing business with an account.  We hope Hail Chasers feedback and blacklist will help everyone make the correct choices.


  • Brokers should have a contract with an account when hiring independent contractors.
  • Brokers should be the contact for any issue and/or problems during the storm.
  • Brokers should spend time organizing workflow to keep technicians busy.
  • Brokers shouldn’t be cherry picking vehicles for themselves or other technicians.
  • Brokers should keep up to date on billing so the account doesn’t fall behind on payments.
  • Brokers WILL be required to pay technicians within 7 days of collecting payments from accounts.
  • Brokers will inform technicians of any updates about collecting payments from an account.
  • Brokers will charge back the technician only the cost to fix a comeback issue.
  • Brokers will leave honest feedback on technicians that they hire.
  • Brokers will use the Community Blacklist to report companies and individuals for non-payment so others can beware.


  • Technicians should wear broker uniforms if provided.
  • Technicians should keep up with invoicing and paperwork that is required by the broker.
  • Technicians should price repairs using agreed matrixes from the broker.
  • Technicians should invoice operations that they actually completed.
  • Technicians should show up at the time they say they will show up.
  • Technicians should finish the vehicle they are on before leaving for a new job.
  • Technicians should notify the broker of any issues that happen in their account.
  • Technicians will honor the non-compete in their contract with the broker.
  • Technicians will pay the broker for any comeback issues that need to be resolved.
  • Technicians will lease honest feedback on the brokers that hire them.
  • Technicians will use the Community Blacklist to report companies and individuals for non-payment so others can beware.