How It Works

Members can post jobs as a Broker to find a PDR Technician that matches their needs. Other members will apply to the Broker’s job listing as a Technician. The broker will offer a contract to the desired candidate. Once the Technician accepts the job, a contract is formed and the job starts.

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  • Find jobs when you need them.
  • Read feedback on brokers before you start.
  • Blacklist unpaying brokers.
  • The contract will help prove an IC agreement.
  • Receive feedback from your brokers.
  • Pick up a job to fill your week.
  • Reward good brokers with good feedback.
  • Create a contract by inviting brokers.
  • Help drain the bad broker swamp.
  • Message brokers within the app.


  • Find help when you need it.
  • Choose the technician to fit your needs.
  • The blacklist may keep you out of bad deals.
  • Protect your accounts with a Non-compete.
  • Receive feedback from your technicians.
  • Contracts help prove an independent workplace.
  • Leave feedback for technicians.
  • Hire technician directly.
  • Help drain the bad technician swamp.
  • Message Technicians within the app.



Brokers and Technicians will leave each other feedback upon closing a contract. This information will be shared with members during future job postings.

In-app Messaging

In-app messaging allows brokers to contact technicians who apply for their jobs. The broker's identity in job listings will be concealed until a message is sent to a Technician.

Push Notifications

Members will receive a weekly notification to update their current work status. If you are available for work, you will receive push notifications when new jobs are posted by Brokers.

Direct Hire

Brokers have an option to offer jobs to past hires versus posting a job to the open market. This becomes helpful when a Broker and Technician already have worked in the past and a new contract is needed.